The Electro-Cardiogram, also called the ECG or EKG, is the signal produced by the human or mammal heart as it performs the function of pumping blood through the circulatory system of the subject. This signal is periodic, with a pronounced peak called the R Wave. The interval between these R Wave peaks, the Inter-beat Interval or IBI, can supply important information about your subject. (The IBI is discussed here.) The ECG wave-form has other significant features as well. The ECG signal is small, on the order of 1 millivolt in size, and is normally sensed from electrodes carefully placed on the subject's chest. The ECG signal is polar, and can vary widely depending on the placement of the electrodes with respect to the axis of the heart.

UFI can supply a number of products to help with sensing and recording the ECG. And, of course, we recommend the use of our Fetrodes for all ECG signal conditioning and data recording systems where possible.

If you already have a data collection system, we can suggest our 2283FTi subject isolated Fetrode(R) Amplifier for the vast majority of ECG signal conditioning needs. A non-isolated version is available too, the 2283ft. We can also supply our standard (Non-Fetrode) 2121 portable bioamplifier, configured for ECG, where the Fetrodes are not desirable or practical.

If you need an ambulatory recorder for ECG, all of our Biolog platforms can include an ECG channel, with our Fetrode technology automatically incorporated. The ECG signal can then be recorded using a wide range of gain, passband, and sample rate options.

If a desk-top solution might work better, our model SC2000 Simple Scope might be worth considering. The Simple Scope can include one or two channels of signal conditioning, including ECG, with the ECG signal conditioner output shown on a built-in graphics display. The amplified ECG output signal can easily be routed to your own data collection system. And the Simple Scope can supply built-in rate calculations (or IBI), and supply heart rate as an additional output. This can make for a fairly compact Cardio-Tachometer. But if you don't already have a data collection system, we can further simplify your life, and include 12 bit data collection and an isolated USB port inside the Simple Scope! Adding simple PC data collection software makes for a pretty painless ECG recording system.

And we can mention our model Resp1 as well. This device is a stand-alone Impedance Respiration instrument. But the Resp1-EKG adds filtering and amplification for the ECG signal in addition to the Respiration signal supplied by the Resp1. The Resp1-EKG can supply BOTH Respiration and amplified ECG from JUST 3 Electrodes!

If you want to instrument many subjects for ECG at the same time, our Multi-Subject Data Collection System can also include Fetrode ECG (and IBI or HR) as a subject channel.

If you still have questions, or if you don't see what you need, drop us a line, and we will see how we can help you!

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