UFI Model 2283FT Family

of Fetrode™ Amplifiers

UFI Fetrode™ artifact reduction technology inserts a high-input-impedance, low-output-impedance buffer amplifier right at the active electrode site. This technique minimizes the bothersome noise artifacts induced by unavoidable electrode cable motion.

The 2283FT family of Fetrode bioamplifiers integrates the Fetrode technology to make optimal use of the improved bioelectric signals that Fetrodes can provide. UFI currently offers two different Fetrode amplifier configurations to cover a broad range of bioelectric signal requirements.

Model 2283FT adjustable Fetrode amplifier

The Model 2283FT is a stand-alone Fetrode bioamplifier that meets many physiological research needs. Adjustable gain and frequency response suit it to a wide variety of input signals and downstream instruments.

Model 2283FT specifications

Model 2283FTi isolated adjustable Fetrode amplifier

The Model 2283FTi Fetrode amplifer is just the same as the Model 2283FT, except that it incorporates subject isolation using an off-the-shelf signal isolator.

Specifications unique to the Model 2283FTi

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