Our Lifeline Waranty has changed, see below.

UFI Warranty and Repair information

Some general repair comments

UFI equipment is designed to be durable, and supply long service lives, in excess of ten or even twenty years in some cases. However, at the worst times it seems, UFI equipment may fail. And note that constant, rough or careless handling can drastically reduce the service life of any instrument, and so we ask our customers to take reasonable care of their UFI devices.

But equipment failures can be frustrating, especially if you are in the middle of a protocol. Still, it will help everyone if you take your time, and try to assess what may have actually failed. Simple things like replacing the battery might be a good place to start. Next, you can try disconnecting then reconnecting any leads connected to the UFI instrument. And note that problems can also surface in other manufacturer's connected equipment. As a first step, we might suggest our Troubleshooting page. Maybe the problem is easily solved! If not, feel free to contact UFI for help, but remember that only 'cool heads' can make this work. Otherwise, we will just have you return the item to UFI for evaluation in our lab.

And we can offer this suggestion. If your use of any piece of equipment cannot accommodate the 'down-time' of returning the instrument for repairs, common sense suggests that you should have a 'backup' instrument on site for such times as these. You will probably find that the cost of an additional instrument may be substantially below costs incurred from unplanned delays!

Note also that we will make no decisions about warranty coverage until we are able to examine and evaluate the instrument or transducer in our USA office.

Our general product Warranty

All UFI instruments are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship to the original purchaser/institution for a period of one year from the date of original purchase. This one year warranty is void if our inspection shows the equipment has been tampered with, installed or used at variance with factory-designated procedures, has been subjected to negligence, misuse, or accidental damage beyond normal usage, or has had the serial number altered, defaced, or removed.

Our Lifeline Warranty (fixed service charges, selected items)

A lot has changed since we innovated our Lifeline Warranty in the early 70's. Since then, the list of items covered (Table below) has become a lot shorter. Management recently decided to make the following additional changes to the Lifeline Warranty:

Lifeline Warranty charges for those products included under this program are listed below. Our Lifeline Warranty ONLY applies to these items! NOTE that the Shipping and Handling fee is NOT included in the LLW, and will be added to the repair total! NOTE also that enclosure replacement is not included in the LLW fee for our standard 1089 and 1089NP/ES should this be required. NOTE also that these LLW costs for transducers assume RE-USING your cable and connector. Some connectors are quite expensive, and these costs are not included in the LLW fee should cable and/or connector replacement be necessary. NOTE also that we reserve the right to charge an additionl $50 cleaning fee if we need to clean your unit (generally 1089-NP/ES) before we can service it! This additional fee is not included in the Lifeline Warranty fee even if capped, but is instead added to the resulting repair fee for your unit if cleaning is required.

Model   Description               Price
1010   Acoustic Pulse plethysmograph               $46
1020   Infra-red Pulse plethysmograph               $55
1020FC   Finger Clip Pulse plethysmograph               $55
1020EC   Ear-clip pulse plethysmograph               $55
1030   Physiological force transducer (solid-state strain gage)               $92
1040   Physiological displacement transducer (solid-state strain gage)               $92
1089/e   Checktrode™ electrode contact impedance tester               $125
1089NP   Checktrode™ electrode contact impedance tester               $250
1089ES   Checktrode™ electrode contact impedance tester               $280
1132   PneumotraceII™ piezo-electric respiration transducer               $80
LAddCon   Add a connector to a UFI transducer repaired under our Lifeline Warranty. Cost of connector is extra, and depends on the connector.               $55

Our Warranty for Submersible Use Items

Given the "submersible" target use for some UFI products, we realize that what happens to the PCB assemblies supplied as a part of these systems is far beyond UFI's control. While we do not have the means to accept full responsibility for our customer's actions with these products, we also do not want to intentionally strand our customers with an "out the door means it's your problem" policy. After discussion, UFI management has adopted the following policy towards the repair of Submersible products. If there are signs of water exposure on a product that comes back for repair, we will simply replace the product for 60% of the current list price of the product. This policy will allow us to keep our doors open, and also makes room for the fact that accidents will happen. We hope our valued customers will understand!

Our Repair policy for all other products and situations

Prices for repairs to UFI products in all other situations are based on parts and labor costs required to repair your device. Please be aware that it is only rarely possible to supply repair estimates prior to actually receiving the equipment here in our lab, and evaluating and trouble-shooting your instrument. Contact us if you have any other service-related questions.

Note that management has recently adopted a Distributor Warranty Policy which can be found here.

General Warranty and Repair handling reminder!

When communicating with UFI concerning your equipment, please include the model and serial numbers. Also, BE SURE to include complete contact information for yourself, a FULL description of the problems you have experienced, and full and complete return address information, with ANY equipment returned to UFI for repair!

UFI Postal and delivery address

Please pack your equipment carefully for the trip to our facility! We also prefer that you send items to us via UPS. (Both FedEx and USPS don't seem to mind leaving your equipment in front of our door over the weekend!) As mentionad above, please include complete contact information along with a description of any problems inside the box! (Yes we have received equipment and had no clue who, what...)

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