Bioamplifiers and Signal Conditioners

Model 2121 Custom Bioamplifier

The 2121 is a single- or multi-channel portable signal conditioner crafted to your own requirements!

You may specify characteristics to suit your application, including number of channels (1-4), signal type for each channel, gain and filtering for each channel, signal display method (optional), input and output connectors, power supply (battery and/or wall-mount transformer), and case/packaging details. We can also supply a wide range of post-processing options such as Rate or Interval measurement, or variable frequency output.

Tell us what you need, and we will see if we can build it!

Note that the 2121 price listed on our price list is the base price for most single channel analog output 2121's, and the price will increase based on number of channels, etc. Note also that the cost of any required transducers is not included.

Model 2122 Universal Bioamplifier

The 2122 is a versatile, low-noise (2 microvolts peak-to-peak, DC-100 Hz), general-purpose differential amplifier. It features switch-selectable gain (200 to 10K) and low- and high-frequency filtering. The 2122 includes built-in input signal calibration and standard BNC output connectors. A wall-mount transformer supplies power for the 2122. A 'low tech' analog meter helps quickly show signal activity, and helps with balancing. Subject isolation is also available for an added cost.

Model 2283FT Series Fetrode™ Amplifiers

The 2283FT family of Fetrode™ bioamplifiers incorporate our unique Fetrode artifact reduction technology to make optimal use of the improved bioelectric signals that Fetrodes can provide. UFI currently offers two different Fetrode amplifier configurations to cover a broad range of bioelectric signal requirements. The two models are the same except for one feature: the 2283FTi includes subject isolation; the 2283FT does not. Both models feature switch-selectable gain and frequency response; both are powered by a 9V battery or optional wall-mount transformer.

Model 2701 BioDerm™ Skin Conductance Meter

The 2701 BioDerm™ is a stand-alone instrument that safely and accurately measures both skin conductance level (SCL) and skin conductance response (SCR). SCL from 0-100 microMhos (or microsiemens) is displayed on a built-in LCD, while a BNC output connector is provided for downstream, user-provided instruments. Built-in circuitry provides easy calibration for any attached data collection equipment. A 9V battery supplies the 2701 BioDerm power, and subject isolation is available at additional cost.

Also, if you want the SCL/SCR sensing of a 2701, with integrated 12 Bit A-D capability, a USB interface and PC based SCL/SCR data collection software, check out the 2701-SC system!

Model 2991 Impedance Converter

The Model 2991 Impedance Converter offers a way around problems caused by very low signal amplitudes, high source impedances, and vulnerability to power line interference. Instead of trying to measure very small voltage changes, the Model 2991 measures the correlated impedance changes. Whether impedance changes are due to resistance, capacitance, or inductance variations, or more usually, a combination of these, the Model 2991 converts them into DC voltages. And the inclusion of an 'old school' analog meter simplifies balancing. In many respects, the 2991 is a "universal signal conditioner".

RESP1 Impedance Pneumograph

Respiration made simple! Just place two electrodes across the chest, connect the Resp1, and get subject Respiration! And if you add a reference electrode, and use the Resp1-EKG, you can have both Respiration and ECG from the same three electrodes!

The RESP1 induces a small and safe high-frequency (30KHz) current flow between the electrodes, then senses the resulting impedance across the same electrodes (which changes with Subject Inhaling and Exhaling). The impedance is then converted to a voltage for routing to connected equipment. The Resp1-EKG adds a gain of 1,000 amplifier along with suitable filtering, to supply both Respiration and ECG from the same two electrodes across the chest. An analog meter helps quickly show respiration signal activity.

Model 2994D Tetra-polar High-Resolution Impedance Meter (THRIM™)

The THRIM™ is a standalone instrument that may be configured for 1, 2, 3 or 4 channels of "Tetra-polar" impedance sensing. For each channel, a stable crystal-locked, digital-synthesis impedance measurement technique provides four outputs (Ro, Xc, deltaR and dR/dt) with adjustable pulsatile size control. All outputs are subject-isolated, and the wall-mount transformer power supply is isolated from the rest of the circuitry for added subject safety. Either BNC or high-density array output connectors can be provided for connection to downstream instruments.

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