UFI Model 2701 BioDerm™

Skin Conductance Meter

The UFI model 2701 BioDerm™ Skin Conductance Meter is a stand-alone instrument that safely and accurately measures skin conductance level (SCL) and skin conductance response (SCR). The constant-voltage method (0.5 volts), originally proposed by Lykken and Venables, is used to measure skin conductance. Built-in circuitry can also provide rapid calibration for any attached data collection equipment.

Model 2701 specifications

Model 2701i isolated Skin Conductance Meter

The Model 2701i Skin Conductance Meter is just the same as the Model 2701, except that it incorporates subject isolation using an off-the-shelf signal isolator.

Specifications unique to the Model 2701i

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Introducing our Model 2701-SC

Maybe... You want to record Skin Conductance, but you do NOT already have a data collection system, and you lack the time and/or funds to get one... Now what? We can answer that question with another one!

What do you get when you marry our Simple Scope™ PC based physiological data recorder, to our Model 2701 skin conductance meter? You get the 2701-SC!.

This instrument uses our standard 2701 constant-voltage signal conditioner to generate both analog skin conductance level (SCL; 0.1 to 100 micromhos) and amplified skin conductance response (SCR). The Simple Scope data collection platform is included internally, and adds 12-bit analog-to-digital conversion, and the SCL and SCR data are routed to a PC through an isolated USB port.

Easy-to-use Windows™ software completes the 2701-SC package. This program oversees the collection, storage, retrieval, and printing of recorded SCL and SCR data. A clipboard tool and grid control round out the functionality of this software.

If you want to record Skin Conductance, but you don't have a data collection system, the 2701-SC and a PC computer is all you need. SCL recording made simple!

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