Electrodes and Accessories

Biogel biopotential contact medium

Our 1090 Biogel (above right) is a good general purpose biopotential contact medium, and has been on the market for decades. Its primary function is to fill the gap between the electrode surface and the subject's skin. The conductive characteristics allow this gel to present a very low overall impedance path. And the liquid properties result in the gel more quickly migrating into the porous surface the skin presents. Sold in an 8 oz. tube.

Biobrade abrasive pads for skin prep

Our 1092 Biobrade abrasive pads (above, left) have been used by researchers for many years to improve the quality of their bioelectric signals! These pads enable you to gently 'abrade' the skin at your electrode sites (before applying the electrodes) in order to remove dead skin that can allow noise and other artifact into your signal. Biobrade can be a key factor in obtaining clear, distinct signals. And this brief article about using Skin Surface Electrodes supplies some direction about skin abrasion if you are new to this. And note that skin abrasion should NOT be performed if Skin Conductance is the physiometry measure you are after! Sold in a package of 100 small squares.


Over the years, UFI has supplied a wide range of Electrodes for many applications -- and we still do! The electrodes below are generally in stock, but let us know if you need something else. We recommend Ag-AgCl, wet column electrodes for all UFI equipment, and these electrodes all fall into this category, except for the needle electrodes which are stainless steel.

And the items above are only a partial list! Let us know what you need, and we will see what we can do!

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