Ambulatory Data Loggers

UFI BioLog™ Family

UFI BioLogs™ are a family of rugged ambulatory physiological data recorders that support a broad range of signal conditioners. At your request, we can include channels such as ECG/HR/IBI, EOG, EMG, EGG, EEG, Skin Conductance, Respiration, PPG/PTT, Temperature and more. The Signal Conditioner included for each channel is specifically characterized for just that channel, including gain and pass-band as appropriate. A number of firmware based 'post processing' options are also available. And we generally specify our Fetrodes™ for all bioelectric channels to help minimize cable and motion induced input noise. These compact recorders are generally powered by a 9V Alkaline battery housed inside the enclosure.

Our BioLogs™ are supplied based on one of three platforms. For one to three channels, our 3991 (pictured above) is generally sufficient, and yields an enclosure size of 5" x 2.7" x 1.4" with gently rounded edges. For three to ten channels, our larger (7" x 5" x 1.5") 3992 (pictured below) would be required. However, the inclusion of a graphics LCD display on the 3992 makes it easier to verify signal conditioner performance before actually recording subject data. Our 3993 is required for more than ten channels. All BioLogs™ include a microprocessor to manage data sampling at an appropriate rate, with 12 or 16 bits resolution (varies by platform), followed by data saving in built-in 'Flash' memory.

An Interface Box connects the BioLog to a USB port on your PC for data download, supervised by the UFI 'Downloading and Plotting Software' (DPS). Once your data is written to the hard disk, the DPS can plot it onscreen, print it or move it to the Windows™ clipboard. Your data can also be converted into standard ASCII text files for further analysis with Excel or most any other data analysis package.

Model 3991 Hot Flash Monitor BioLogs

As a member of the UFI BioLog family, the 3991/1-SCL Hot Flash Monitor is a one-channel Biolog with a signal conditioner designed to measure Skin Conductance, which generally rises rapidly with the onset of a menopausal hot flash. This HF Monitor has been the 'Gold standard' in Hot Flash recording for many years. Recent improvements include enhanced Subject Reporting, and reduced power requirements for longer battery life.

'FT-Mini' Hot Flash Monitor

UFI is currently developing a prototype 'FT-Mini", the latest in our series of menopausal hot flash monitors. Contact us for FT-Mini availability.

UUB BioLogs

This new generation of tiny low-power BioLogs opens new research frontiers; one customer uses them to record ECG on condors soaring up to 15,000 feet. Another customer logged ECG on Weddell seals 2000 feet below the Antarctic ice. Birds equipped with the UUB BioLog may soon wing their way over the shoulder of Mount Everest.

As with our standard line of BioLogs, a wide range of signal conditioners is available as application-specific "daughterboards." Fingernail-sized microSD cards permit generous onboard data storage at minimal size and weight. Battery operation, usually with 3.6V lithium cells, gives inherent subject isolation while often allowing hundreds of recording hours between replacements. Data are downloaded and manipulated with the same Interface Box and PC software used by the standard BioLogs.

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