UFI SC-2000 Simple Scope™

Not everyone has general purpose signal conditioners or shiny plug-ins to support the specific channels you are after. Maybe a Simple Scope will meet your physiometry needs, especially if you only need a few channels!

The SC2000 Simple Scope™ is a compact, battery-operated instrument containing one or two (sometimes more) channels of user-specified input signal conditioning. You tell us what you want each channel to do! We can include a Size control for some channels for added flexibility. And a built-in graphics LCD display provides a direct indication of input activity without the need for an attached signal monitor. For some channels, additional outputs can be added, giving online calculations of Rate or Intervals in addition to the analog outputs.

If you already have your own data collection system, we can fit your Simple Scope with BNC output connectors to supply the (unisolated) high level analog signals to your data collection system. This approach makes the Simple Scope a multi-channel, custom configured bioamplifier.

If not, we can also build in 12 bit A-D capability for data collection, as well as an isolated USB port. For this configuration, the Simple Scope samples the high level analog signals from each channel, digitizes them, and then sends them to a PC via USB. The PC runs UFI's SIMPLE software allowing the Simple Scope data to be displayed and recorded.

General features of the Simple Scope

A sampling of available Simple Scopes

The following are just a few of the Simple Scopes that UFI has built to order for our customers.

SC2000/2-ZR Simple Scope (pictured above)

In this model, UFI's proprietary impedance respiration signal conditioner supplies both ECG and Respiration signals from the same two electrodes, supplemented with a reference electrode. ECG and Respiration are available as analog outputs on the back panel. Peaks in the ECG signal are also detected on-board, and rate calculations are performed and displayed. Zero crossings by the respiration signal are also identified to derive the Respiration rate, which is displayed on the LCD. Both the ECG and the Respiration rates are converted to scaled voltages that represent the two rates. BNC connectors on the back panel provide all 4 of these outputs to downstream instruments (i.e. a data collection system).

SC2000/2-IBI Simple Scope

This Simple Scope features two channels of signal conditioning: one ECG channel using our Fetrodes, and one Respiration channel using the UFI Model 1132 Pneumotrace™ Respiration transducer. The ECG signal is sampled at 1 KHz., then peak-detected to calculate the interbeat interval (IBI) in milliseconds. IBI is displayed on the SC2000 LCD; ECG, Respiration and IBI are sent via an isolated USB port to a PC running SIMPLE Software (included).

SC2000/2-EOG Simple Scope

This Simple Scope provides two channels of Electro-oculogram (EOG) signal conditioning, using Fetrode input assemblies. Both EOG channels feature a microprocessor-based automatic recentering scheme, supplying DC response, and both channels are displayed on the LCD. An isolated output port supplies the 12-bit EOG data to the customer's PC. Simple PC-based software completes the system.

Model 2701-SC

What do you get when you combine the UFI Simple Scope physiological data recording platform with the Model 2701 skin conductance meter? You get the Model 2701-SC!. If you need SCL and SCR data sent to your PC, check this instrument out!

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