UFI Model 1132 Pneumotrace II™

The Model 1132 Pneumotrace II™ is a sturdy piezo-electric respiration transducer. It generates a substantial, linear signal in response to changes in thoracic circumference associated with respiration. Since the 1132 is piezo-electric, it requires no excitation voltage!

The Model 1132 recorded this sample data from the chest of an adult male; the UFI Model SRS2004/d performed the signal conditioning and data recording.

Note also that UFI supplies a number of other systems that can incorporate our 1132 and the associated signal conditioner, in order to supply a Respiration channel. This includes our Biolog ambulatory data recorders as well as our Simple Scope PC based data collection systems. We can add the 1132 to our Telemetry systems as well.

Using the Model 1132 for volume assessment

UFI is often asked whether the Model 1132 can be used for quantative respiration volume measurements. Frequently, the answer is "yes." Here is what one of our customers had to say:

"I would suggest that you might be erring slightly on the side of modesty when you state that the Pneumotrace cannot be used to assess breath volumes - I get correlation coefficients of about 0.8-0.9 when it is used simultaneously with a pneumotachometer on human subjects. That's surely a reasonable semiquantitative estimate."

The Model 1132 can be used for a number of studies requiring respiration volume unless exact measurements are required. For some studies, you may want to purchase one to evaluate to see if the results are adequate, before actually doing your research. Amplifier input impedance should exceed one megohm for best results.

Model 1132 respiration transducer specifications

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