UFI Model 2121 Custom Bioamplifier

Well, maybe you have looked around our web site, and maybe a lot of other web sites too, but you have just not found what your after. Shaking your head slowly, you are probably thinking "Now, what..."

Let us know! If you can't find the signal conditioner you need, tell us what you want! We will see if we can build it for you!

That is what the 2121 is all about!

The 2121 is our part number for a custom configured bioamplifier, a single channel or multiple channel portable signal conditioner that we carefully craft to your unique requirements. To begin with, you can specify from the following characteristics to suit your application:

And this is just for starters! We have fairly broad experience in physiometry, signal conditioning and data collection systems, among other things.

Let us quote your dream system!

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Product Families:
Bioamps/signal conditioners
Ambulatory data loggers
Hot Flash Recording
BAERCOM™ hearing tester
PC-based instruments
Multi-subject systems
Test instruments