Measuring Hot Flashes

A Hot Flash (called Hot Flush in Europe) is a sudden, dramatic rise in the Skin Temperature of a human subject. Hot Flashes are often correlated with Menopause or Cancer treatment. And women have Hot Flashes more often than men. The underlying causes of Hot Flashes are still the subject of extensive research.

The occurrance of a Hot Flash can be easily seen in the Skin Conductance (SCL) data of the subject, as the rise in temperature activates sweat glands in the skin. Current research identifies a Hot Flash as at least a 2 uMho rise in the subject's Skin Conductance over a 30 second period. Hot Flash monitoring usually involves two specially prepared electrodes placed across the subject's Sternum, with recording typically for 24 hours or more. A sample Hot Flash signature seen in a subject's SCL data is shown below.

UFI has extensive experience with Hot Flash recording. You can start with our Hot Flash Monitoring page to see the wide range of Hot Flash recording resources we can supply.

Our model 2701 BioDerm(R) is a stand-alone Skin Conductance meter that can supply subject Skin Conductance data to your existing data collection system. The 2701 incorporates a proprietary Constant Voltage SCL signal conditioner, which supplies both Skin Conductance Level or SCL (the DC output) and Skin Conductance Response or SCR (the AC output). The 2701i adds subject isolation to the capabilities of our standard 2701.

Both the 3991 and 3992 Biolog ambulatory recorders have been used extensively for Hot Flash monitoring. Both devices incorporate the same proprietary SCL signal conditioner, along with data sampling (with 12 bits resolution) and recording. These Biologs can record just Skin Conductance for Hot Flashes, or we can add SCL/HF recording to other measures you may want to record at the same time (ECG/IBI, Respiration, Temperature, etc.).

Our FlashTrax software program supplies powerful, sophisticated and automatic Hot Flash analysis and session summary capabilities. It is designed to work with data records generated by our 3991 or 3992 Biologs.

Late breaking news! We have recently developed a Telemetry based ambulatory SCL system to allow SCL / Hot Flash recording and analysis to be added to the data flow of a popular EEG focused Sleep Study recording system. Contact us for more information about this SCL Telemetry system.

If you still have questions, or if you don't see what you need, drop us a line, and we will see how we can help you!

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