UFI Model 1504 Series Signal Simulators

The UFI Model 1504 Signal Simulator line provides a wide range of input test signals to allow quick, reliable checks of your bioresearch measurement equipment. Models 1504-SCL and 1504-SP-HF are designed specifically for testing our Model 3991 Hot Flash Monitor BioLogs™ or other SCL/HF recording systems.

Model 1504

The standard Model 1504 provides a single channel of a standardized waveform -- a low-amplitude, low-frequency differential square wave -- that is adequate for testing most signal conditioners.

Model 1504 specifications

Models 1504SP and 1504SPG

The Model 1504SP custom signal simulator provides one to three channels of user-specified signal waveforms at user-specified levels. The 1504SP shown apove provides simulation for both SCL and PPG. The 1504SPG (not pictured) includes an LCD waveform display to allow a convenient check on the waveform at the simulator so you know what to expect from the equipment under test.

Model 1504SP(G) specifications

Signal Simulators for SCL and Hot Flash Monitoring

Model 1504-SCL standard SCL simulator

The Model 1504-SCL supplies a switch-selectable simulation of skin conductances of 0, 10, 20 and 30 micromhos (microsiemens). Built-in switches can add an additional 0.1 or 1.0 micromhos to test transient response.

Model 1504SP-HF Hot Flash simulator

The Model 1504SP-HF delivers an authentic spike in skin conductance to simulate the actual hot flash phenomenon. After the user programs a "baseline" skin conductance, this unit periodically imposes an adjustable hot flash contour on the baseline value. Hot flash magnitude and repetition interval are set with front-panel switches.

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If you don't see a signal simulator possibility on this page that can fit your requirements, let us know what you need or want. We can probably build it for you!

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