ECG + Interbeat Interval Monitor

Note: Picture above does NOT show USB port output, now standard!

Connect three ECG electrodes from your subject to the EZ-IBI, then run a standard USB cable to your PC. With this simple setup, you can stream ECG to your PC at 1000 Hz., and record millisecond IBI as well. For recording ECG/IBI from your human or mammal subject, this is about as simple as it gets!

The compact, 9V battery-powered EZ-IBI features a 1000-Hz ECG sample rate, low-noise Fetrode™ ECG signal conditioning, 12-bit A-to-D with R-wave timing, and an isolated USB link to your PC. Easy-to-use Windows based data display, recording and review software is included with the system.

EZ-IBI features

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