BAERCOM™ Software History

Some of these improvements were requested by our valued customers. Our thanks to all who are helping us make the BAERCOM system even better!

BAERCOM-PC software revision history

If you would like the latest version of the BAERCOM-PC software, drop us a line. We will let you know what needs to happen to get you updated. Please send your Baercom serial number with your request.

BAERCOM™ operating firmware revision history

Newer Baercoms show the firmware version number (D.1, D.2) in the lower right corner of the first screen shown after power is turned on. All Baercoms post the firmware date as a text message, as a part of their normal start-up sequence.

Product Families:
Bioamps/signal conditioners
Ambulatory data loggers
Hot Flash Recording
BAERCOM™ hearing tester
PC-based instruments
Multi-subject systems
Test instruments