New Prices coming February 1, 2018

As of February 1 2018, UFI prices have gone up 10%. As we get specific prices finalized, we will update this page. For now, you can multiply these posted prices by 1.1 and be very close. We hope our valued customers will understand!

Standard Price List

All amounts are in US Dollars, and do not include shipping, handling, wire transfer fees, duties or any other applicable taxes. (See How to Place an Order.)

If there is no link to a product page for a product you are interested in, or if you would like to inquire about quantity discounts, contact us and we will be glad to help you.

Note that we maintain international, regional distributorships for a number of our products, and we will refer all such inquiries to the appropriate international contact. Dealing with someone closer to home is always good! Note however that our distributors set their own prices, which can be higher than the prices shown here. This should not be a cause for concern; their prices more accurately reflect local costs.


Model   Description               Price
1010   Piezo-electric pulse transducer               $137
1010.5   Smaller size Piezo-electric pulse transducer               $157
1010C   Air-coupled dynamic pressure transducer               $205
1020   Photo-electric (infrared) pulse plethysmograph               $200
1020EC   Ear-clip photo-electric (infrared) pulse plethysmograph               $210
1020FC   Finger-clip photo-electric (infrared) pulse plethysmograph               $210
1030   Physiological force transducer (solid-state strain gage)               $465
1040   Physiological displacement transducer (solid-state strain gage)               $400
1070   Temperature probe - solid-state               $210
1132   PneumotraceII™ piezo-electric respiration transducer               $275
1132BNC   PneumotraceII piezo-electric respiration transducer with BNC connector               $285
1132.5   Pediatric-size 1132 PneumotraceII respiration transducer               $285
AddCon   Add a Connector to one of the above transducers, configured for your equipment. Price is typical, but can be more for expensive connectors!               $37

Electrodes and accessories

Model   Description               Price
1081DSP   Disposable Ag-AgCl electrodes (pack of 30)               $30
1081   Biode™ reusable Ag-AgCl electrode (40" lead, no connector)               $75
1081.5   Pediatric-size Biode reusable electrode, 40" (102 cm)lead, no connector               $80
1081P   Biode electrode with 18-40" (46-102 cm) lead and .060" safety plug               $80
1081SNP   Snapeze™ Biode reusable Ag-AgCl electrode with snap connector               $75
1081.5SNP   Pediatric-size Snapeze Biode electrode with snap connector               $75
1081SNPW   40" (102 cm) snap lead wire for Snapeze Biodes with .060" safety plug               $11
1081FG   Contoured Ag-AgCl finger electrode-pair for skin conductance               $110
1081FT   Individual Fetrode™ with connector               $205
1081HFD/P   Disposable SCL/hot-flash electrode - dry (package of 60)               $126
1081HFD/C   Disposable SCL/hot-flash electrode - dry (case of 600)               $1000
1081N   Needle electrode with DIN connector               $16
1081N-3   Set of 3 needle electrodes with DIN connectors, for BAERCOM               $37
1081NP   Platinum needle electrode with DIN connector, asssorted colors (package of 10)               $350
1090   Bio-Gel™ biopotential contact medium, 8-ounce (227g) tube for use with SCL electrodes and Biodes               $11
1092   Bio-Brade™ abrasive pads for skin preparation (pack of 100)               $26

Bioamplifiers and signal conditioners

Model   Description               Price
2121   Portable custom bioamplifier               $525 & up
2122   Bioamplifier with gain and frequency response controls               $810
2122i   Isolated bioamplifier with gain and frequency controls               $1185
2281FT   Fetrode amplifier, including Fetrodes (1 millivolt input gives 1 volt output)               $695
2283FT   Universal Fetrode amplifier with adjustable gain, including Fetrodes               $810
2283FTi   Universal Fetrode amplifier with isolation, including Fetrodes               $1185
2301   IsoProbe™ stand-alone add-on signal isolator               $620
230x   Multi-channel IsoProbe stand-alone signal isolator               $620/chan.
2701   BioDerm™ skin-conductance meter               $810
2701i   BioDerm skin-conductance meter with isolation               $1,185
2701-SC   2701 with 12-bit A-to-D, USB port, and PC recording software               $1,390
2991   Impedance converter               $685
2991EKG   Impedance converter with amplified ECG output (1 millivolt input gives 1 volt output)               $1000
Resp1   Impedance pneumograph               $630
Resp1EKG   Impedance pneumograph with amplified ECG output (1 millivolt input gives 1 volt output) Supplies ECG and Respiration from same electrodes!               $840
2994D/1   Digital tetra-polar high-resolution impedance meter (THRIM™), 1 channel               $12,600
2994D/2   THRIM, 2 channels               $13,650
2994D/3   THRIM, 3 channels               $14,700
2994D/4   THRIM, 4 channels               $15,750
2994D/x +ECG   Add ECG channel to THRIM               $735
2994D/x +Resp   Add respiration channel to THRIM               $735

Ambulatory data recorders and Telemetry

Model   Description               Price
3991/1   Single-channel 3991 BioLog (including input assembly)               $2,625
3991/+1   Additional channel for 3991 (price for each added channel, includes input assembly)               $700
3991 BioLog DPS   3991 DPS software support package, per site (includes PC software, interface box, manual, support)               $1,440
File Segment Module   File Segmenting Module for 3991 DPS software, allows data files to be split at Event Marks               $195
3992/1   Single-channel 3992 BioLog (including input assembly)               $4,620
3992/+1   Additional channel for 3992 (price for each added channel, includes input assembly)               $1,000
3992 BioLog DPS   3992 DPS software support package, per site (includes PC software, interface box, manual, support)               $1,575
UUB BioLogs   Tiny, very low-power data loggers customized to your specifications. Prices are for recorder modules only, enclosure and transducers NOT included.                
UUB/1   Single channel UUB recorder               $2,850
UUB/2   Two channel UUB recorder               $3,550
UUB/3   Three channel UUB recorder               $4,250
UUB/4   Four channel UUB recorder               $4,950
UUB DPS   DPS Software Support package for singled UUB recorder. (Only one DPS purchase required for each research site.)               $1,750
UUB DPSm   DPS Software Support package for multiple UUB recorders. (Only one DPS purchase required for each research site.)               $2,470
3991/1-HF   Single-channel 3991-SCL 'HF Monitor' BioLog (including input assembly) Considered the 'gold standard' for HF recording.               $2,625
FT Mini   New, small sternal Hot Flash monitor -- now in development               Call
FlashTrax DPS   SCL-based hot flash analysis software + DPS Support Package that includes basic support for all UFI SCL / HF data recorders               $1,575
3370/1 Telemetry   3370/1 Analog output Physiological Telemetry System, includes Subject package with signal conditioning, 12 bit A-D and transmitter, along with the receiver package and output cable. Nominal range is 20'.               $3,150
3370/x Telemetry   3370/x Additional channel cost, per channel               $1,115
3370 PC Software Package   3370/PC Ordering this package adds a USB port to the Receiver, and also adds PC based telemetry data display and recording software, which allows direct connection to a PC computer.               $1,575

BAERCOM™ animal hearing tester and accessories

Model   Description               Price
BAERCOM™   BAERCOM Veterinary BAER hearing test instrument. Includes the Baercom, Earphone, Input lead set, USB cable, PC software and instructions               $3,150
BAERCOM Simulator   Simulates the BAER auditory evoked response. Can be used for quick check-out or coming up to speed. For use with the Baercom               $580
1081N-3   Set of 3 needle type sensing electrodes with DIN connectors               $37
BAER-CLIP   Short, color-coded DIN to alligator clip leads to allow use of hypodermic needles as sensing electrodes               $32
BAER-DIN   Main input lead for the Baercom. DIN style connectors accept either needle electrodes or alligator clip leads for use with hypodermic needles               $210
BAER-EAR   Earphone for use with the Baercom. Supplies the click stimulus to the ear canal under test               $158
BAER-TIP   Replacement soft, flexible tips for the Baercom Earphone. Helps confine the click stimulus to the ear under test. Package of 5               $16

PC-based instruments and multi-subject systems

Model   Description               Price
SC2000/1   Single-channel Simple Scope™ (analog output only)               $895
SC2000/2   Two-channel Simple Scope (analog output only)               $1,790
SC2000/AD   Add 12-bit A-to-D, USB interface and PC data collection software               $1,260
SRS2004/d   Simple Recorder System with LCD signal display and PC software               $3,465
EZ-IBI-4   Supplies millisecond IBI and 1000 Hz ECG over isolated USB               $1,260
MSDCS   Multi-subject Data Collection System (up to 20 subjects, includes installation in your facility)               Call
NBPC   Notebook PC Package (brand depends on availability); when ordered with UFI software, we'll preload the software and test               $1,500
TBYC-100   Multi-port Internet Switch with Power Switch. Allows a wired internet connection to easily be turned on and off.               $95

Test instruments

Model   Description               Price
9VBR   9V Battery Replacement Module -- allows many 9V battery powered devices to be operated continuously               $70
1089MKIII   Standard Checktrode™ electrode contact impedance tester, 30 Hz. excitation, 0-199 KOhm range, built in 50 KOhm test               $485
1089-SP7   Checktrode™ electrode contact impedance tester, higher frequency (10 KHz.) excitation, reduced 0-1.999 KOhm range, built in 1 KOhm test               $1000
1089e   Economy Checktrode electrode contact impedance tester               $347
1089NP   Checktrode impedance tester with lead selector switch and 25 pin connector for many common "Linked Ear Reference" EEG electrode caps               $620
1089ES   Checktrode general purpose electrode array impedance tester with 25 pin connector and 22 position lead selector switch. (Customization fee applies for supplying different connectors)               $620
1089SP   Special/custom Checktrode contact impedance tester               $750 & up
1504   Square-wave signal simulator (ECG/EEG/EMG)               $215
1504-SCL   SCL simulator (0, 10, 20, 30, d0.1, d1.0 uMho)               $215
1504SP   Microprocessor-based 1- to 3-channel custom signal simulator               $695 & up
1504SP-HF   Microprocessor managed, user programmable HF signature simulator               $630
1504SPG   Custom signal simulator with graphics-LCD signal display               $1,260

Product Families:
Bioamps/signal conditioners
Ambulatory data loggers
Hot Flash Recording
BAERCOM™ hearing tester
PC-based instruments
Multi-subject systems
Test instruments